Friday, November 21, 2014

Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Buttercream Lipgloss and Lip Spectacular Set Review

I recently picked up the Bare Minerals Lip Spectacular Set at Ulta.  The set comes with 6 mini-sized Marvelous Moxie Buttercream Lipglosses for $26, which if sold separately would have a value of $54.

The Buttercream Lipglosses are a new item for Bare Minerals and can currently only be found at Ulta.  A big difference between the original Marvelous Moxie glosses and these new Buttercream glosses is that the Buttercreams don't have the same minty tingling sensation that the original glosses do when applied.  The gloss has a traditional doe foot applicator and a light, pleasant vanilla scent.

The Buttercream glosses have a thick texture that makes them well pigmented, especially with the darker shades.  They are not a sticky gloss and have just a very slight tackiness to them.  Since they are on the non-sticky end of the gloss spectrum, the compromise is that the wear is just okay.  They stay on well when not eating or drinking much, but won't survive a full meal without having to reapply.  They do wear fairly evenly though. and seem to stay put and not run outside the lip line.  The darkest shade, Blackberry Current, also leaves behind a bit of a stain to the lips even after the gloss is gone.    

There are currently 12 shades of Buttercream glosses and the Lip Spectacular set comes with 6 of them.  The set has a nice variety of light to dark glosses, so I feel like it's a good sampler set of the entire line.

Bare Minerals describes the shades included in the set as follows:

  • Juicy Mango: Coral Pink
  • Forbidden Nude: Buffed Pink
  • Sassy Sorbet: Strawberry Creme
  • Must Have Pink: Antique Pink
  • Flirty Mauve: Toasted Mauve
  • Moody Berry: Blackberry Current

The mini glosses in the set are 0.07 oz which is slightly less than half the full sized glosses which are 0.15 oz.  After using them for a couple of weeks I accidentally dropped Flirty Mauve from the highest shelf on my makeup cabinet onto my bathroom floor which broke the screw top part of the container.  That's over a 5 ft drop onto hard tile flooring so I don't count that as a strike against the glosses, though do keep in mind they are in glass tubes.  I kept it to be able to photograph the set but it's unusable for me because not only will it not screw securely shut I have no way of being sure that it didn't get glass in the gloss.  Since it happened to be my favorite shade of the set I decided to purchase the full size, which is why I have a photo comparing the two sizes below.  Now that I've filmed my review and taken all the pictures the mini will sadly be headed to the trash.

Overall I'm really enjoying the Buttercream Lip glosses.  As I just mentioned, my favorite shade of the set is Flirty Mauve, especially for the current season, and I would say my second favorite shade is Must-Have Pink.  All 6 of the shades in the set are wearable for me though, so I found the $26 well worth it to be able to try 1/2 of the color line (prior to being a klutz and breaking one them of course).  If you are already a fan of the Marvelous Moxie glosses, or if you liked them except for the tingling sensation, I'd recommend checking this set out at Ulta.  I was able to find them in store as well as online.  I also did a video review of these on my YouTube channel so if you would like to see more swatches, as well as what each of the 6 shades look like on my lips, I've posted the video below.

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