Thursday, May 1, 2014

100% Pure Healthy Skin Foundation

I've never loved the feel of foundation on my face and before I started wearing much makeup I would often just use a little powder instead.  Eventually I started using Bare Minerals Matte foundation and have been loyal to that for almost 3 years now.  However in the last few months I've noticed it just isn't giving me as much coverage as I want and wasn't helping cover the skin texture issues & fine lines I've been experiencing as I get older.

I knew it was time to start trying liquid foundations but still didn't want something super heavy that I would be able to feel on my face, and I also wanted to find something with more natural ingredients.  I've been adding a lot more organic foods into my diet so I figured it might be time to clean up my makeup routine a bit too.

100% Pure makeup is not only oganic but all natural and vegan as well.  They use fruit and vegetable pigments to dye their makeup and the fragrances in their products come from fruits and essential oils as well.  I first heard of the company through a friend of mine who recently started using it.  In fact my friend threw out all her makeup and replaced everything with all natural, organic products.  I don't think I'll be doing that myself anytime soon, but foundation seemed like a good place to start.  100% Pure has a tinted moisturizer, liquid foundation, or powdered foundation to choose from.  I decided to go with the liquid foundation.

There are no 100% Pure stores that sell the product near me so I was at the mercy of internet swatches to choose my shade.  The lightest shade is Creme and while I'm fair skinned the absolute lightest shade in most makeups is usually too light for me.  Based on their online shade chart I decided to go with their white peach shade, which they say is for light skin tones.

When it first arrived and I opened the box I thought there was no way it was a shade match and I would have to return it.  As you can see in this photo of it on my forearm it is way too dark initially.

However, once blended in it matches my skin tone quite nicely and as long as I blend it along my chin there is no line of demarcation.  I realize it may still look a little too dark in the photo of it blended in below, but I made the mistake swatching the entire amount I typically use for my face.

I started out applying it with the same flat head kabuki brush that I was using for my Bare Minerals and that worked well, but since I was using liquid foundation now I decided to give the much hyped beauty blender sponge a shot and ended up liking the more airbrushed finish that gave.The foundation does dry fairly quickly so I dab it on sections of my face and blend it out quickly to avoid too much drying in one spot.  The foundation comes in a pump style bottle and I find about 1 1/4 pumps of the foundation is enough for my whole face (and way too much for an arm swatch).

This foundation has an almost powdery finish and as soon as it's dry I don't feel it on my face at all.  I'm not sure it really needs a powder on top but I like to put on a little powder after I've put my bronzer on so currently I've been setting it with a small amount of my Bare Minerals SPF 25 Mineral Veil since I still have quite a bit left.  Once that's gone I have a couple of other finishing powders in mind that I'd like to try (first on my list is It Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores).

While this foundation is build-able I would say at least initially its more medium coverage than full.  I did find when I switched from the kabuki brush to the beauty blender there was a bit more coverage.  It doesn't do a great job of covering redness so I've been experimenting with tinted and  redness reducing primers underneath and it helps give it a much more even finish.  If redness isn't an issue for you though you might find it closer to a full coverage foundation.

Overall I am pretty happy with this foundation, especially considering it is organic and all natural.  It is pricey if you're currently using drugstore foundation, but compared to higher end foundations, including the Bare Minerals I was using, it shouldn't be much of a sticker shock.  The 100% Pure website sells the foundation (1 fl oz) for $35, with free shipping if you spend $50, but I was able to purchase it from Amazon a few dollars cheaper with free 2 day shipping since I'm an Amazon prime member (keep in mind that Amazon prices seem to fluctuate often so it may be more expensive now).

Once I'm done with the current bottle I'm using I might try a couple of other foundations I was considering for comparisons sake, but wouldn't be surprised if I end up sticking with the 100% Pure.  I do plan on trying some of the company's other products in the future; their fruit dyed mascaras sound promising, as do their lip products.  I'm hoping that as the company grows they might become available in retail locations like Ulta.

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