Friday, December 19, 2014

Zoya Cyber Monday Mystery Bag & Box Unboxing - 2014

For Cyber Monday Zoya offered a Mystery Box on their site for $15, and being the Nail Polish addict that I am I didn't hesitate to purchase one, especially since Zoya has had some great sales in the past so I figured the odds of it being a great value were good.  Unfortunately the box is sold out, but I figured it was a worth a post in case they offer a similar deal in the future.  There were no hints at all to the contents of the box, all Zoya would say was that it was box and a bag inside of a box.

Mini Color Lock System - This set contains a 1 oz Zoya Remove Plus nail polish remover, a .25 oz Zoya Anchor Base Coat, a .25 oz Zoya Armor Top Coat, and a .25 oz Zoya Fast Drops Polish Drying Drops.  They also include a dropper for the drying drops.  I was happy to get this because I've never tried any of these Zoya products and have heard great things about the Remove Plus in particular.  I typically use a fast dry top coat so I'm interested to see how the Armor top coat and drying drops compare.  This set is sold on for $20, so in the first item I opened the box value already exceeded the $15 that I paid. 

MatteVelvet Red Lipstick - Prior to receiving this box I didn't realize Zoya made lipstick so this was definitely a surprise to receive.  It is a very pretty berry red color, and while I'm not a huge red lipstick wearer I will use this occasionally and am looking forward to trying it out.  The only complaint I have about this one is the packaging doesn't feel very sturdy.  This lipstick retails for $12.

Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator - This is supposed to help strengthen, harden, and condition natural nails.  I already use a similar product to this, Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus, so I'm interested to see how the two compare.  The box contained the .25 oz size which retails for $12.

3 Mini Zoya Polishes - The 3 minis I received were: Willa (black creme), Rekha (red creme), and Lael (purple creme).  I was happy to get these, and Willa happens to be only my second straight black creme polish.  Zoya sells the .25 oz minis on their site for $5, however there is a small selection of colors available and none of these shades are currently included in the minis you can purchase.

Left to right: Willa, Rekha, Lael

Overall I think this Cyber Monday Mystery Box was a great deal for the $15 price and I calculated an overall value of $59.  I will say I was expecting a shimmer or glitter polish in the bunch since Zoya does those types of finishes so well, but I love the quality of the other Zoya polishes I own and am still quite happy with the contents of this box.  I would definitely purchase another mystery box from Zoya in the future if they offer them again.  I unboxed this on my YouTube Channel and have put that video below if you'd like to see more and my first impressions of the box.

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