Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Memebox - Special #26 Hand & Nail Care Superbox

I recently decided to try out Memebox after seeing quite a few unboxings on YouTube.  Memebox is a Korean Beauty Box, but unlike other beauty subscriptions like Ipsy or Beauty Box 5 you don't subscribe to a monthly box.  Instead you can browse through the boxes on their website (which are of varying sizes and prices) and choose which one(s) you want.  They have various categories like skincare, makeup, and nail care.  Most of their boxes need to be purchased in advance for a future ship date (you are billed at the time of purchase), but there is also a list of boxes available for immediate shipping.

Since the contents of the boxes aren't revealed before they ship, I decided the safest option for my first Memebox would be a hand and nail care box since I like pretty much anything that falls into that category.  I ordered my Special #26 Hand and Nail care box on August 1st and it was listed as shipping on August 19th.  On the 19th I got my shipment notification and tracking number and the box arrived to me USPS on the 29th.  That's not much longer than I wait for DHL to get me my Ipsy bag and this one comes all the way from Korea.  There were 7 items in my box and also included was a card with detailed descriptions of all the items.  Most of the items only have Korean descriptions on the packaging, so the included card is very helpful.

The first Item in my box was a SUR 3D Nail Art Kit.  The kit included a magnetic nail polish in a gunmetal grey color, a magnet, and a pink nail art pen.  Despite the huge influx of magnetic nail polishes on the market a couple of years ago I don't actually own any so for me this is something new.  I tested it out on a swatch stick and it was a little tricky figuring out how close to hold the magnet, but once I got it right it created a silvery striped design on the swatch nail.  The pen color reminds me of a pink highlighter color and has a very precise tip that makes it pretty easy to use, though my messy handwriting in the picture below isn't the best example.  Based on the card that was sent this kit is worth $29.

Next I received the With Shyan Baby Hand Set, which includes a Lemon Treatment Oil and a Nail Wall file.  The treatment oil is a nail and cuticle oil that has a light, pleasant lemon scent to it and the file is a very fine 240/320 grit file.   The description card says you're supposed to use the oil then buff off calluses or excess cuticle with the file.  This set is valued at $9.

The third item was the With Shyan Dr. Care Set Nail which includes a Dr. 001 treatment polish and a nail file.  The polish looks pink in the container but once I tested it out on a swatch stick I realized that it does dry mostly clear like other treatments or base coats that have a tint to them.  The instructions on the card say to apply the Dr. 001 polish every two days for a week before removing with nail polish remover and starting again.  It can also be used as a base coat. The file is much coarser than the one that came with the baby hand set and is 100/180 grit.  I'm looking forward to testing this out and seeing how it compares to my Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus that I've been loving.  This set is worth $13.

I also received a Barbinie Shea Butter Hand Cream.  The scent I received was Rose Water which worried me when I first read it since I'm pretty sensitive to any scents that are flowery or perfumey.  However the scent on this is very subtle so I think I'll be able to use it without an issue, which is good because it's a very nice hand cream.  It absorbed quickly and was non-greasy when I applied it.  This hand cream has value of $18.

Next up was the Shara Shara Soft Hand Grommage.  I'd never heard of this before and thought it might be another lotion when I first pulled it out of the box.  However I learned that a grommage is actually an exfoliating treatment and the insert describes this product as a peel.  The instructions say to apply generously on clean dry hands, massage, and then rinse with warm water.  I'm definitely excited to try this out and see how it works for my hands.  The grommage is worth $6.

The sixth item in my box were the Pure Plus Hydrogel Moisturizing nail patches.  The actual patches I received say Rocka Chick at the top instead of Pure Plus but otherwise seem to be exactly the same as what is described on the card.  These are little clear patches that you apply over your nails and cuticles and leave on for 20 minutes.  I'm always struggling with dry cuticles and have never seen a product like this before otherwise I definitely would have bought it.  I'll be trying this out soon and may give them their own review on the blog.  The patches are valued at $8.

The seventh and final thing in my box was the Pure Skin Hand Care Pack.  The hand care pack is essentially two moisturizing gloves that you put on for 20-30 minutes.  They contain grape extracts, witch hazel, grapefruit extract, collagen, baobab tree extract and olive leaf extract.  I've see moisturizing hand gloves before but nothing quite like this.  As with the nail patches I'm interested to see if these help my dry skin and will be testing them soon.  The hand care pack has a value of $6.

Overall I really enjoyed this box and look forward to trying out everything that I received.  The box had and overall value of $87 which is well beyond the $24.99 that I paid.  While I won't get a Memebox every month, I do plan on ordering more in the future, especially since the products they send are very different than what I receive in my current subscription boxes.  Memebox does have their own store as well where you can repurchase the items in your box.  If you'd like to try out Memebox I do have a referral link here.  I unboxed this on the Makeup Miscellaneous YouTube Channel and have embedded the video below if you'd like to see my first impressions of the products I received.

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